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Notice to Our Users Regarding Comcast Xfinity

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Why Am I Seeing This Page?

We regret that we are unable to help you find Comcast Xfinity Internet service in your area at this time. Recently, a marketing agreement was sent out by Comcast to all e-tailers, demanding that the words "Comcast" or "Xfinity" be removed from all search results, website title tags, and our product pages.

Comcast also is demanding that we limit the internet service providers we're allowed to show you in your area when you perform an availability search on our sites. In other words, Comcast doesn't want you, the customer, to know what providers are available in your area if they aren’t on Comcasts approved list of ISP’s.

Because we at Broadband HSI, Inc. pride ourselves as an information service to our users above all, we declined to implement these draconian changes to our websites. Our mission is to help customers make an informed choice about the services they are ordering, as well as the company who owns the service they are ultimately subscribing to, not to remove vital availability information at the behest of an internet service provider like Comcast.

In addition to this, the agreement states that Comcast is demanding access to our (and their other e-tailers') sensitive online accounts - a huge invasion of our company's privacy.

For all of these reasons, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to remove all of Comcast’s products and services from our site. To see which services are available in your area, excluding all Comcast Xfinity products, please visit our availability page.

Make Your Voice Heard!

If you are as disappointed by Comcast’s short-sighted decision as we are, please be sure to let them know how they have affected you.

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Or contact a customer service representative by phone, at 1 (800) 934-6489...but honestly, good luck talking to a real live person.

The full text of the Marketing Agreement sent out by Comcast appears below:

Update: After threats of legal action, we've removed the document until further notice.


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